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The kids are gone and your home that once always felt full to the brim might begin to feel like too much for just the two of you. Which also means it’s the perfect time to buy just the kind of home you always dreamed of having. And let’s be honest, this isn’t always the home young couples need to raise their growing family.

Open the next chapter of your life by, quite literally, opening a new door.

One of the most important factors to consider when house hunting is whether to stay within your existing community. Many couples are excited to not be tied to one place and have the ability to move to somewhere much warmer or scenic. However, it’s important to consider a few factors that some couples find they wish they had when they first started house hunting for homes across the country.

One of the biggest factors to consider is your family and friends. Moving across country can mean seeing them a lot less. And even though we now have video call technology there’s no replacement for that one on one interaction you get when they’re just a drive around the corner.

Instead of jumping in feet first, consider vacationing in the location(s) you are considering for a week or two at a time. Get to know the surrounding community while you are there. What types of people are in the area and can you see yourself easily becoming one of the group? Visit the restaurants, coffee shops, library and community center to see where people gather and if they are “your” people. If you have a hobby or are looking to take one on look into what sort of activities are in the area. Look for sewing/knitting circles, cooking classes, speaking events, and/or hobby shops in the area.

You might just find that the area is best for visiting time to time and not a place you’d like to grow roots. However, you do find you love the location look into the different travel options and what pricing will look like throughout the year. Especially around the holidays. You don’t want to find out after the fact that you need to drive to a train station two hours away just to get on a train or pay an arm and a leg for a plane ride.

One last thing to consider is planning for your budget both now and in the future. Retirement has a lot of perks but cash flow can get tricky when it comes to big-ticket items. Look for homes that you can pay as much of the total as possible up front. Having small, or no, mortgage payments will ensure you are well within your means. If this is a home you plan to live in for a very long time you’ll want to make sure that all expenses can be covered by one of you if anything should happen to the other’s income source.   

When you move into a house, the aisles of paint at the hardware store can seem awfully overwhelming. How will you ever choose a color for each area of your home? Adding color to a home is part of what will make it your own. One of the last things that you may think of is the color of your front door. Instead of painting the entire exterior of your home, it might be a good idea to look at your front door. 

It’s not a sin to think outside of the box when it comes to the color of your front door. Why not let your house stand out from the crowd? There’s many different colors that pop out and make great additions to any front door. We’ll break down some of the great possibilities for your front door here.


Red is a great color because it goes well with many neutral tones. It brings a bit of life to a sometimes rather bland exterior color of the home. You can put a red door on a home that is a shade of tan, gray, or even white. Keep in mind that there’s also many different shades of red for you to choose from that allow you to find the tone and feel that works for you. 

Yellow Or Orange

You can certainly welcome visitors with a touch of cheeriness right at your front door. Yellow brings a certain kind of warmth to the entrance of your home. Yellow goes well with white, grays, tans, even brick and stone exteriors.

Orange needs to be used carefully. With the right tones surrounding it, you can make use of orange on your front door to make your home a bit more welcoming. Shades of orange work well with grays, blues, greens, and white exteriors. 

Earthy Tones: Green And Blue

Green and blue are great colors to help your home stand out from the crowd and provide a touch of style and warmth right at the front door. There are so many shades of green to choose from. You can go with a light green such as mint or lime. You can also choose a darker shade of green like olive or avocado. 

Green shades on a door pair well with whites, browns, tans, stone, cream, grays, and even shades of blue. 

Blue is often a color that we use more indoors. There’s so many different shades of blue that are available. Blue doors pair well with an exterior that is gray, white, tan, stone, brick, or gray.

You can really use the front door of your home as an element of surprise. When you think of what colors go together, it’s hard to go wrong with a bold front door.

For those who own a luxury home in Los Angeles, Malibu or any other California city or town, now may prove to be the ideal time to list your residence. In fact, there are many reasons to make selling your Golden State luxury house a top priority, and these include:

1. You could profit from your home sale.

There is significant demand for luxury houses in San Francisco, Sacramento and elsewhere across California. Thus, if you add your Golden State luxury residence to the local housing market, there may be no shortage of interest in your home.

Ultimately, a seller who removes clutter and upgrades a California luxury home's curb appeal may be better equipped than others to enjoy a seamless home selling experience. If you decide to sell your California luxury home, you may want to focus on various home improvements. That way, you can transform an ordinary Golden State luxury home into an attractive option for prospective buyers.

2. You can relocate to a bigger or smaller residence.

If you find your luxury home in Beverly Hills, San Bernardino or anywhere else in California has become too big for you, it may be a good time to list your residence and downsize. Conversely, if your current Golden State luxury house is no longer big enough for you, selling your home and upgrading to a larger residence is a viable option.

Remember, the California luxury housing market offers opportunities for buyers and sellers across the state. If you find that your present luxury home no longer suits you, listing your home and relocating to a new residence is a possibility for any luxury homeowner, at any time.

3. You can enjoy unparalleled flexibility.

Selling a luxury home in California gives you the flexibility to do lots of things. For instance, if you've always wanted to reside close to Staples Center, you can sell your current luxury residence and relocate to the Los Angeles area. Or, if you want to live close to family members and friends in San Jose, selling your current Golden State luxury home gives you the flexibility to do just that.

If you intend to list your California luxury home in the foreseeable future, working with a real estate agent is crucial. Because if you have a real estate agent at your side, you can quickly and effortlessly navigate the California luxury home selling journey.

A real estate agent will do everything possible to help you streamline the California luxury home selling process. From adding your luxury house to the Golden State housing market to helping you get the best price for your residence, a real estate agent will go above and beyond the call of duty to assist you.

As you get set to list your California luxury residence, you may want to employ a real estate agent. By doing so, you can get the help you need to sell your Golden State luxury home and optimize your home sale earnings.

If you intend to sell your California luxury house, it helps to plan ahead. By doing so, you can prepare for a variety of challenges that may come your way, including those that are commonly associated with listing a Golden State luxury residence in a buyer's market.

Ultimately, selling a California luxury house in a buyer's market requires a seller to consider the homebuyer's perspective. It also requires a seller to perform various tasks to ensure his or her luxury residence will stir up plenty of interest from Golden State homebuyers.

To better understand what it takes to sell your California luxury residence in a buyer's market, let's take a look at three tips to help you promote your house in any real estate market, at any time.

1. Distinguish Your Luxury House from the Competition

A buyer's market features an abundance of available houses and a shortage of buyers. As such, you'll want to do everything possible to help your California luxury residence stand out from the competition.

Oftentimes, it helps to focus on your California luxury home listing. Including details about your luxury house's unique features in your home listing is a must, particularly for home sellers who want to reap the benefits of a fast, profitable home sale.

For example, if your San Francisco luxury house offers an amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge, you may want to include this information in your home listing. Or, if your Los Angeles luxury residence is located just minutes from Staples Center, you may want to incorporate this detail into your home listing.

2. Find Out What Your Luxury House Is Worth

The current value of a luxury house in Beverly Hills is unlikely to match the value of a comparable luxury residence in Oakland, even in a buyer's market. However, if you conduct a home appraisal, you can better understand the current value of your luxury residence and price your house accordingly.

Hire a home appraiser who possesses many years of experience and is an expert in his or her craft – you'll be glad you did. With this home appraiser at your side, you can receive an accurate property valuation and use it to establish a competitive price for your Golden State luxury house.

3. Work with a Real Estate Agent

There is no need to stress over selling your California luxury house in a buyer's market. In fact, if you hire a real estate agent who has luxury home selling experience, you can get the support you need to achieve the best-possible results.

A real estate agent will serve as an expert guide throughout the home selling journey. Regardless of whether you're selling a luxury house in Malibu, San Diego or elsewhere in the Golden State, this housing market professional will work with you to help you accomplish your desired goals.

Ready to sell your California luxury house in a buyer's market? Use the aforementioned tips, and you can increase the likelihood of a quick, successful home selling experience.

For those who want to buy a house, it helps to consider your options closely. That way, you can make an informed home purchase.

Now, let's take a look at three factors to consider as you prepare to conduct a home search:

1. The Local Housing Market

Assess the local housing market before you dive headfirst into a home search – you will be glad you did. If you analyze the housing market in towns and cities where you want to live, you can determine if a buyer's or seller's market is in place. Then, you can map out your homebuying journey accordingly.

To differentiate a buyer's market from a seller's market, you should find out how long recently sold houses were available before they were purchased. You also may want to track houses as soon as they become available and see how long it takes them to sell. If residences linger on the housing market for many weeks or months, the real estate sector likely favors buyers. Or, if houses are purchased shortly after they become available, the real estate sector may favor sellers.

2. Your Home Must-Haves

Think about the features you want to find in your dream house. This will help you hone your house search to residences that match your expectations.

Oftentimes, it helps to enter the housing market with a list of home must-haves. This list can be updated throughout your house search and may help you simplify your quest to find your dream residence.

As you craft a list of home must-haves, be sure to include any house amenities you simply cannot live without. For instance, if you require a home that boasts a state-of-the-art air-conditioning system, you can search for a residence that offers this amenity. On the other hand, if you need a home that is located just minutes from your office in the city, you can search for a house in or near the city itself.

3. Your Homebuying Budget

You may have only a finite amount of money to spend on a house. If you get pre-approved for a mortgage, you will know precisely how much money is at your disposal. You then can search for a house that corresponds to your budget.

To get pre-approved for a mortgage, you should meet with a variety of banks and credit unions. These financial institutions can teach you about your home financing options and help you select a mortgage that suits you perfectly.

Lastly, as you get set to embark on a house search, you may want to hire a real estate agent. This housing market professional can offer expert insights into the homebuying journey. Plus, he or she is ready to respond to your homebuying concerns, at any time.

If you want to streamline the process of finding and buying a wonderful residence, it helps to plan ahead for the homebuying journey. Thanks to the aforementioned tips, you can review your options and boost the likelihood of enjoying a successful homebuying experience.